Polyclinic Department

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Policlinic is the primary link asking for medical assistance to provide outpatient ENT care and services, inter-departmental consultancy for adults and children. It is fully equipped with all modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment – operational and medicamental endoscopy, radiowave and laser surgery and etc.

Reception is carried out not only by ENT specialists, but also by specialists of head and neck cancer department, department of ophthalmology, department of surdology and hearing, phoniatrics department, department of otoneurology and vestibulological disoders, maxillofacial surgeons, specialists of allergy and immunology, dentists. We have our own clinic-diagnostic laboratory having a wide range of testing services.

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>Polyclinic includes two receptions, comfortable waiting rooms with TV, registration desk, consulting and treatment rooms.

A medical consultant will review the information provided by you and then contact you by phone or by e-mail. We may ask you to provide additional documentation (medical records, laboratory tests, etc.) so that we can thoroughly assess your medical condition and provide you with the cost estimate for your required treatment/consultation. A medical specialist will develop a personalized examination and treatment program for your specific condition. You will be provided with all medical documentation upon completion of your medical treatment/consultation.




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