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Dear Doctors and Health Care Professionals

20052020-englNational Medical Research Center for Otorlaryngology, Oticon Medical and MedMasterClass are pleased to invite doctors, health professionals with the otology field to take part in International course "Microscopic Approaches in Otosurgery and Lateral Skull Base Surgery" provided by Pro. Hassan Diab. Course will be held from May20th to June17th, 2020. Please, join us!

10th Emirates Otorhinolaryngology, Audiology and Communication Disorders Congress in Dubai

15-17012020-engOn15-17th January, 2020 the 10th Emirates Otorhilaryngology, Audiology and Communication Disorders Congress took place in Dubai. The 2020 congress had several live surgical pre-congress workshops on state of the art anatomical specimens. The group of specialists under the head of the leading otologist of our Center Hassan Diab took part in the scientific programm of the congress. Head of Maxillofacial and Reconstructive Surgery Division, MD, microsurgen David Nazaryan introduced video session and bright report devoted to the innovation method in maxillofacial mircosurgery face reconstruction.

I National Congress of Medical Services Export in Moscow

03122019-englOn 03d December, 2019 года Director of the Center Prof. Nikolai Daikhes took part in the I National Congress of Medical Services Export, which was held in Moscow in the framework of the "Russian Week of Health-2019". The Congress summed up the first results of the natioinal project "Development of Medical Services Export".

XII Asia Pacific Symposium on Cochlear Implants (APSCI) and Related Sciences in Tokyo, Japan

27-3011201-englOn 27th-30th November, 2019 delegation of the Federal Scientific-Clinical Center of Otorhinolaryngology including Prof. Hassan Diab, MD Alexander Kuznetsov and PhD Anton Machalov took part in the XII Asia Pacific Symposium on Cochlear Implants (APSCI) and Related Sciences which was hed in Tokyu, Japan. This meeting features the latest clinical research finding, to academic debates between experts on hearing, speech and balance disorders while offering access to hand-on-technology samples that have never been seen before.

International Conference "World Meet Ear, Nose and Throat" in Dubai

25-26112019-englOn 25th-26th November, 2019 Prof. Ibragim Nazhmudinov (moderator of the conference), PhD Kamilla Magomedova, PhD Vyacheslav Vavin (Department of Laryngolody) and PhD Dmitry Polyakov (Department of ENT Pediatric) took part in the work of International Conference " World Meet Ear, Nose and Throat" which was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our specialist represented the reports devoted to the results of our experience in modern diagnostic and treatment of the larynx".

International Conference "Hear More GN ReSound 2019" in Lesboa, Portugal

07-08112019-englOn 07th-08th November, 2019 Vitaly Karpov and Elena Nayandina, Department of Audiology, Surdology and Hearing Rehabilitation, took part in International Conference "Hear More GN ReSound 2019" which took place in Lesboa, Portugal. Within the framework of the confernece a training course in modetn technologies in the field of hearing prosthetic was held.

XXVII Pacific Voice Confeence in Krakow, Poland

24-26102019-englOn 24th-26th October, 2019 Ekaterina Osipenko, Head of Phoniatric Department, participated in XXVII Pacific Voice Conference (EU-Poland Edition) in Krakow, Poland. Conference was devoted to the understanding of emotions in sung and spoken voice with the specific focus on cross-cultural similarities and differences in Vox PROFANA and Vox SACRA, the advancements in Clinical Care of the Artistic Voice, as well as developments in Science, Technology and IT.

International Forum "Possibilities and Open Innovation in Health" in Tashkent

2410219-englOn 24th of October, 2019 Dmitry Lipson, Head of the Department of hospitalization and medical services organization and Kirill Vdovin, the leading specialist of medical tourism took part in International Forum "Possibilities and Open Innovation in Health", which held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Forum has become a unique international platform for discussion brining togeter tech enterpreners, scientists, leadin experts, government officials and corporations from different countries.

XIV European Symposium on Childhood Cochlear Implantation (ESPCI) in Bucharest

16-19102019-1-englOn October 16-19, 2019, the XIV European Symposium on Childhood Cochlear Implantation (ESPCI) was held in Bucharest with the participation of the leading otosurgeon of FSBU NKSO FMBA of Russia, Prof. Hassan Diab ( moderator of the sections "Cochlear implantation and otitis" and " Malformation of temporal bone"). Hassan Diab shared with his foreign colleagues the experience of choosing surgical tacticts of specialists of our Center for CI in children with abnormalities of internal ear development.

V World Congress on Cochlear Implants in Emerging Countries

09-11102019-engl09-11 October, 2019 Prof. Hassan Diab, Head of Otology Department took part in V World Congress on Cochlear Implants in Emerging Countries organized by Global Cochlear Implants Access Network (GCIAN) in collaboration with Egyptian Society for CI and OTOALEX. Prof. Hassan Diab delivered the report "Current Studies in CI in the Federal Scientific-Clinical Center of Otorhinolaryngology, Russian Federation".

VI Eurasian Assembly of Otorhinolaryngologists in Samarkand

27-28092019-englOn September 27-28, 2019, the VI Eurasian Assembly of Otorhinolaryngologists was held in Samarkand, republic of Uzbekistan/ The Assembly was established in 2014 as a platform for discussion of problems of international cooperation in the field of otorhinolaryngology. The members of the Assembly are the main ENT from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Azerbnaijan, Armenia, Geogria, Moldova, Latvia, Bulgaria and Slovakia.

Russian-Chinese Symposium on Cochlear Implantation

20092019-englOn September 20, 2019, within the framework of the V Anniversary Forum of Otorhinolaryngologists, a Russian-Chinese symposium on cochlear implantation was held to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and China. Specialists from department of ear diseases, audiology and surdology and their colleagues from China submitted reports on cochlear implantation and shared the experiences in application of cochlear implantation at children and elderly age, discussed issues of an organization of CI rehabilitation. The Chairs of the Sypposium are Prof. Hassan Diab, Lou Wei and Prof. Valery Svistushkin.

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