Center for Occupational Pathology of ENT organs


The Center for Occupational Pathology of ENT organs conducts prevention, diagnostics and treatment of workers engaged in work with hamful production factors (noise, industrial aerosols and etc.). We provide the full examination and treatment of patients with upper respiratory tract diseases, such as rhinitis, pharyngitis, tracheitis, ulceration, perforation of the nasal septum. We take care of the patients having noise effects of the inner ear, neurosensory hearing loss, vestibular syndrome, pulmonology dysfunction, allergies.

The Center for Occupational Pathology of ENT organs has its own hospital ( 26 beds), which is fully equipped with modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. The staff consists of otorhinolaryngologists, pathologists, pulmonologist, allergist-immunologist, neurologists, endocrinologist and therapist.

We  offers comfortable inpatient single and double rooms only. All our rooms are optimal clean, safety and comfort. Rooms are cleaned every day and deep-cleaned between occupancies by our in-house cleaning team.

Each room has:

  •      - A walk-in shower;
  •      - A Toilet;
  •      - A wall-mounted flat-screen television and radio;
  •      - Free Wi-Fi access;
  •      - A staff call button;
  •      - Non-slip floor;
  •      - Air-conditioning;
  •      - Wardrobe and storage space;
  •      - Adjustable lighting.

 For our patients undergoing treatment in the hospital we provide four meals a day. Food for the patients is prepared at our own food factory and based on the principle of clinical nutrition. If a patient has food preferences, the menu can be discussed with the treating physician. 


Our Partners

 Mininstry of Health
Mininstry of Health 
of the Russian Federation
National Health Development Fund
Eurasian Assembly of Otorhinolaryngologists
National Association of Otorhinolaaryngologists